Results from the Dressage and Cones #3, at Highland Green


Dressage and Cones at Highland Green     July 15-16 2017

It was a beautiful day in North West London for OCDA’s 3rd in the series of Dressage and Cones 2017. Judge Francois Bergeron, assisted by    Elaine Potter, had 14 competitors perform before them in all levels from Training VSE to Intermediate Horse. Following their Dressage competitors were treated to a rolling cones field and a challenging course which included a water option.

Competition was over around 1 o’clock and following a lunch break, Francois started a clinic with individual lessons and quite a few observers. At 4:30 there was a Happy Hour where the judge was available and in fact encouraged competitors to bring him their score sheets for personal feedback.

Sunday, Francois was busy teaching all day, and seemed to get yet more energetic with each student. His students were thrilled with their sessions and relaxed as he taught them with patience and frequent laughter which kept drivers and observers entertained.Results from Dressage and Cones were as follows:

VSE Training Dressage

1st Carla Bowler Sundermeister

2nd Betty McKee

3rd Elaine Johnson

4th  Katrina Joose

5th  Penny Geddes

VSE Preliminary Dressage

1st   Carolyn Aarup

PONY Training Dressage

1st   Michelle Courtamanche

2nd  Georina Rattray

3rd. Val Frost

4th Monica Lamonthe

HORSE Training Dressage

6th  Christina Bourne

PONY Preliminary Dressage

1st  Sharon Crawford McKay


VSE Training
1st Penny Geddes
2nd Katrina Joose
3rd Elaine Johnson
4th Carla Bowler Sundermiester
5th Betty McKee

VSE Preliminary
1st Carolyn Aarup

Pony Training
1st Michelle Courtamanche
2nd Monica Lamonthe
3rd Georgina Rattray
4th Val Frost

Training Horse
1st Christine Bourne

Preliminary Pony
1st Sharon Crawford Mckay

Intermediate Horse
1st Anne Marie Anderson