Schedule for Dressage on Sunday at Highland Green

Schedule for Sunday July 17 Dressage and Cones

9:00. Carolyn Aarup.        Fox lane wildfire                           PRE VSE
9:10. Eve Dexter.               Ruby
Demi.                                               PRE pair VSE
9:20. Michelle Courtemanche. Hannah                                 PRE large pony
9:30. Mary Baillie.            Hercules.                                         PRE Small pony
9:40. Jane Southgate.      Lunar Eclipse.                                PRE large pony
9:50. Sarah Steenbeek     Grant Stonecreek
Falcons Stonecreek.                      PRE horse pair
10:00. Bob Thomas.         TFM Skywalker                              PRE hors10:10. Jordan Steenbeek. Marlo Stonecreek
Remake Stonecreek                     PRE horse pair
10:30. Carole Partridge.   Simon.                                             TR large pony
10:40. Penny Geddes.       Prince.                                             TR VSE
10:50. Helen Imeson.       ES free the tiger.                            TR large pony
11:00. Monica Lalonde.   It’s a Dun Bill                                  TR large pony
11:10 Charlotte Millar.     Mummy’s Mercedes                      TR small pony
11:20. Deb DeBok.            ES Pixie Princess.                          TR large pony
11:30. Valerie Frost          Calypso                                            TR Dr/C only
11:40. Anne Watson.                                                                  TR Dr/C only

Bring your lunch and join us by the house.
Louise Fish wlll give an informative, navigators talk during the lunch break.

Marathon times will be posted in office on Sunday . 
Times will be in your package. There are two shared navigators, so some times not in above order.